Apple cider – vinegar for your health

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is made by the fermentation of apple cider, and tastes like vinegar but with an “apple” twist. In the natural health crowd, ACV is well-known as a powerful detoxifying and purifying agent as well as internal cleanser. It was even used in the time of Hippocrates (“the father of medicine”) as a remedy for many ailments. ACV contains many vital minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sulfur, and copper.

The amino acid in ACV is an effective antiseptic and antibiotic, whereas the acetic acid can aid in treatment of various fungal, bacterial, and yeast infections. For those with severe yeast problems, the symptoms may get worse initially when they begin taking ACV, caused by the die off of the yeast (a “Herxheimer reaction”) when your body can’t detox fast enough. It is actually a good sign.

ACV mimics the acidic environment of the stomach and helps food to break down. Many people report reduced symptoms of reflux or heartburn after using ACV, which makes sense given the fact that these conditions are oftentimes caused by *too little* stomach acid, rather than too much.

And like other acids, the acetic acid in ACV can increase your body’s absorption of important minerals from the foods you eat. Therefore, it is possible that drinking a mild tonic of ACV and water just before meals might improve your body’s ability to absorb the essential minerals locked in foods.

Clinical studies have shown that it lowers blood pressure and also helps regulate insulin levels. How can ACV help regulate your insulin? One theory is that it might activate some of the digestive enzymes that break down carbohydrates into sugar, thus slowing absorption of sugar from a meal into your bloodstream. This gives your body more time to pull sugar out of your blood, preventing your sugar levels from spiking. Combine it with blackstrap molasses to relieve joint pain.

ACV is also rich in enzymes and alkalizes your body (i.e., it raises your pH), which is a great way to help prevent cancer. And if you suffer from an insect bite, ACV can help alleviate the pain (and/or itch).

We use Bragg’s Organic ACV, since it is raw and unfiltered, unlike most vinegars which are filtered and pasteurized, rendering them basically “dead” from a nutritional standpoint.

By Cancer truth


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