Dark circles under eyes, Dark Eye Circles









Dark circles under eyes (dark eye circles) are caused by lack of sleep, fatigue or some deficiency. dark circles under eyes may also be due to aging which thins the skin around the eyes. Eight hours of sleep is essential. Do not leave cream on the skin around the eyes for long periods


1. Heredity:
Dark circles are also an inherited trait. The risk of getting these blemishes under the eyes is higher if other members of your family have it. The skin under the eyes is very thin so when blood passes through it, a bluish tint is produced. Depending on the transparency of the skin, the appearance of the circle varies.

2. Allergies, asthma and eczema:
Itchiness around the eyes and constant rubbing, scratching of the eyes can also greatly contribute to dark circles. Those suffering from hay fever will, in particular, notice blotch around the eyes when the allergy season is in its peak. Food allergies can also result to the darkening of the areas around the eye.

3. Medications:
Certain medications, especially those that widen the blood vessels, can also aggravate the dark circles under eyes. Since the skin under the eye is very delicate, the increase of blood flow around the eyes will appear through the skin thereby darkening the skin.

4. Pregnancy and menstruation:
Women usually become pale during pregnancy and menstruation which makes the veins visible through the skin. And this makes the area around the eyes appear darker.

5. Nutrition:
Lack of proper diet is another major cause of dark circles under eyes.

6. Exposure to the sun:
Exposure to sunlight especially during the summer seasons increases skin pigmentation around the eyes.

There are various kinds of treatments dark circles under eyes. To name a few of them, there are the home remedies, eye cream, surgical treatments and homeopathic treatments. Let’s take a look at the homeopathic remedies to remove dark circles under eyes:

1. Cina:
This medicine not only helps in the treatment of dark circles but it is also helpful in treating dilated pupils, weak sight from masturbation, eyestrain, yellow vision, pulsation of cilliary muscles, abdominal irritation etc.

2. Chinin S:
This medicine is used for the treatment of eye infections. It is an effective treatment for intermittent neuralgic pains in and around the eyes.

3. Cyclamen:
One of the best treatments for these blemishes is cyclamen. It helps in the treatment of spots before the eyes, black spots around the eyes etc.

Other than this medicines, there are also other homeopathic medicines such as Psorinum, sepia, spongia, Geranium Inodorum ,Taosca aqua, Thuja ,Triticum Vulgare, etc which can be depended on for the effective treatment of dark circles under eye. But never go for any medication without consulting your doctor. As every human being is born with a different resistance to different medicines. So, no self-medication please. This information is just for your general awareness.

Read on to know more about the home remedies of dark circles and get rid of these unwanted and undesirable marks forever.

home remady of eye circle

Remedy 1:
Put slices of oil-rich avocado under each eye.
Remedy 2:
Raw potato is yet another very useful aid. Put thin slices of raw potato over dark circles at least twice or thrice a day, every day.
Remedy 3:
Grate raw potatoes, add few drops of water, wrap it in a clean cloth and spread it over your eyelids.
Remedy 4:
Mix ground almonds and milk and apply under the eyes.
Remedy 5:
Crush parijat flowers (night jasmine) (see pic), mix with curds and apply this pack under your eyes for 10 minutes. Then wash off with cold water.
Remedy 6:
You may also try applying orange juice and glycerine around the eyes.
Remedy 7:
Mix equal parts of tomato juice and lemon juice and apply.
Remedy 8
: You can also apply mint (pudina) juice around your undereye area for treating your dark circles.
Remedy 9:
Grated cucumber placed over your eyelids and around your eyes helps. You can also dab cotton pods in the cucumber juice and place it over your eyelids. This would work too.
Remedy 10:
Mix equal quantities of cornflour and yogurt and apply.
Remedy 11
: Mix a tsp of castor oil with 1 tsp of milk cream (malai) and massage it around the eyes.
Remedy 12:
Make a paste of rose petals with milk and apply this paste around the eyes.
Remedy 13:
Use this home made under eye cream for your dark circles. Works like a charm.
Remedy 14:
Break a soft gel vitamin E capsule, and apply a little oil to your undereye rings. I like to dab some pearl powder onto my skin, then gently rub in the oil. Makes my eyes look brighter.

*Include whole grains in your diet.
*Increase the intake of fibre rich vegetables.
*Drink adequate water.
*Avoid refined,oily and junk food.
*Reduce the intake of coffee and tea.Choose Green tea which is rich in antioxidants.

Stress management:
*Avoid mental/emotional stress.
If you are stressed, try Relaxation techniques and stress management strategies.
*Take mild exercise such as walking.




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