Best Foods for the HEART

How many of these do YOU eat (I eat 8.5 of the 10):
❥ oatmeal
❥ salmon
❥ avocado
❥ olive oil
❥ nuts
❥ berries
❥ legumes
❥ spinach
❥ flaxseed
❥ soy (NOTE ❥➥❥ ultra-HIGHLY-recommendation from God’s Garden of Eden: IF you like soy: it must be organic, non-GMO, not processed, and NOT-the-supplement PLEASE)

By God’s Garden of Eden


Tehnologie, echipamente, masini, utilaje pentru industria alimentara

produse din lapte, produse din carne, produse de patiserie/cofetarie

Florin Pasat

Health Wellness Anti-aging

the biology of belief

THINK beyond your genes...

Cartile Copilariei

Habarnam, Aumadoare, Cipi, Mos Barbuta, Apolodor, Mac si Cocofifi, Pinocchio, Ursul pacalit de vulpe...

Carti personalizate pentru copii

Si copilul dvs. poate deveni erou de poveste!

Health Anti-aging Wellness

Health Wellness Anti-aging

Sabin Nemeş - pictor

Romanian oil paintings (flowers, static nature, buildings of Cluj, portraits, ballet dancers)

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